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 We are at;
150 Semple Avenue,Winnipeg
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Why Choose Us ?

Mutkut dog grooming is a home based business,
we are dog lovers and owners of dogs.
We provide a relaxing 
environment for your dog to be groomed in.
We only book one dog at a time and devote our energies entirely to your dog till the groom is completed.

No cages,Report Cards,or outrageous pricing and hidden fees!

A day of dog grooming at our home is as follows;

- We meet and greet with you and your dog and find out exactly what you are looking to have done.

- We will show you where we will be grooming your dog on your first visit with us.

-We agree on the price for grooming your dog and stick to it,no extra surprise cost to you even if we underestimate the work involved.

- If we pick up your dog,before we even put them in our vehicle, we give them a good walk and let them get to know us.(pick up only in winter months)

- When you drop your dog off and leave our home we get to know your dog first by patting and talking to them to make them feel loved and comfortable with the new surroundings.

We then allow them to roam free in the 400 square foot grooming area as we prepare our tools for their groom. 

-Making your dog feel comfortable is paramount to our grooming philosophy!

-Next we start the groom making sure at all times your dog is safe and comfortable with whatever is being done to them.If one technique seems to be overly stressful we will switch to one that is less.

-If we feel your dog is too uncomfortable with us we will cease to groom them and call you to pick them up at no cost to you ( this rarely ever happens )

-We bathe your dog the old fashion way with soap and water,no dry shampooing here.We hand dry them and have no use for cage drying here.

-We will then let them roam free in our 1300 square foot home as if they were part of our family,while they wait for you to pick them up.

-Finally we will meet with you once again and make sure you are happy with the job we have done before getting paid.

At MutKut Dog Grooming we treat your dog like it was our own!

Your dog groomers Paul and Bonnie have over 20 years experience in dog grooming and pet care.

Our children and dogs love the company of other animals and welcome all that come into our home.

We will provide a quiet and relaxing environment in our Scotia Heights Home for your dogs grooming experience.

We want this to be a place you feel comfortable bringing your pet for dog grooming,dog bathing and  dog sitting.

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Do you consider your dog to be a family member?

Chances are you said yes before you finished reading the sentence.
You're in good company.Most dog owners consider their dogs as important as other family members or even a child.
Dogs have served people as protectors ,workers,friends and partners throughout thousands of years.
Along the way the role of the dog has been changing.

A few hundred years ago,not many people would be thinking about grooming their dogs,back then,dogs for the most part were outdoor animals that were kept in a doghouse or barn and treated perhaps a little better than a tool or at best a type of livestock. 

How times have changed! 

Dogs have moved from outside to inside and have wiggled their way into the hearts and even onto the couches and beds of their owners. Dogs have rightfully earned the moniker ; 
Mans Best Friend. 
This has also necessitated keeping our dogs cleaner for life in our homes.
Whether you do it yourself or have it done by a professional, 
If you haven't already, isn't it time, to consider;Grooming Your Dog?

Dog Grooming is Important

No one likes a bad hair day,your dog certainly doesn't, he feels just as uncomfortable as you do when his hair is all ratty and snarled.As dog owners we want our dogs to be presentable.

A dirty dog is no joy; a clean dog is pure happiness!
Keeping your dog groomed says something about you;it says that you're a responsible dog owner and that you care for your animals.
You may be able to take your dog places where animals aren't usually allowed.One look at my dog tells people, I'm in charge and that I take care of my dog and that he is well mannered and clean.

Dirty dogs track dirt into your home and get dirt on your clothing,furniture and carpet,something we can all live without.Dog grooming is more than just having them look and feel good,its vital for their HEALTH and your families!

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We are open 7 days a week from 9 am to as late as a 6 pm start for last groom, for your grooming convenience.allows.We reserve our 4 pm groom slot for same day appointments for those of you that just got to have her done.

We are at;

150 Semple Avenue,Winnipeg
Book by phone 204-336-0111
Book by text   204-557-4347
Book online at link below

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