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When booking online we will send you an email to confirm certain aspects of the groom,
this email must be replied to or your grooming appointment may not be honored.
Do not book online if your dog has special needs ,medical issues,behavior issues
or is a large double coated breed (Husky,Shepherd,Lab etc;) or Pomeranian
For nails only we will not clip dogs nails that are hard to manage or weigh in excess 

 of 60 lbs.if you are in doubt please call before booking thank you.
We reserve the right to choose not to groom your dog if any of theses conditions,
are not adhered to,

To book by phone call 204-336-0111,by text 204-557-4347
There may be additional openings for clients that phone or text in there grooming request.

Can’t find the opening you desire?
Additional openings or cancellation slots may be available by phoning or texting!
Most days same day grooming is available!

Book online below