Why Choose Us?

Mutkut Dog Grooming is a family business, grooming dogs in the West Kildonan neighborhood of Winnipeg since January 1st 2012.
e are dog lovers and owners of dogs.
Your dog will be groomed in a loving ,caring, no kennel environment.

We provide a relaxing environment for your dog to be groomed , and we only book one dog at a time.
No other customers dogs are around to distract, scare or stress your dog, and we devote our time entirely to your dog till their groom is completed.

By nature dogs are nervous when being left at a stranger’s home,  we also transfer a bit of our nervousness to the dog also.
Bringing your dog to the same place for grooming whether it be here or somewhere else makes sense as it reduces the anxiety.
Less anxiety results in a happier dog and a happier you!

We groom small  and medium sized dogs, sorry we do not groom large dogs.

Most days same day grooming is available!

No cages, report cards, or outrageous pricing and hidden fees!

A day of dog grooming at our home is as follows;

  • We meet and greet with you and your dog and find out exactly what you are looking to have done.
  • We will show you where we will be grooming your dog on your first visit with us.
  • We agree on the price for grooming your dog and stick to it, no extra surprise cost to you even if we underestimate the work involved.
  • When you drop your dog off and leave our home we get to know your dog first by patting and talking to them to make them feel loved and comfortable with the new surroundings.
  • We then allow them to roam free in the 400 square foot grooming area as we prepare our tools for their groom.
  • Making your dog feel comfortable is paramount to our dog grooming philosophy!
  • Next we start the dog grooming making sure at all times your dog is safe and comfortable with whatever is being done to them. If one technique  seems to be overly stressful we will switch to one that is less.
  • We bathe your dog the old fashion way with soap and water, no dry shampooing here.
  • We hand dry them and have no use for cage drying.
  • We will then let them roam free in our 1300 square foot home as if they were part of our family.
  • Finally we will meet with you once again and make sure you are happy with the job we have done before getting paid.



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